About us 2018

About Us


In our Family business we have a great Passion for making Effective Products that consist entirely out of 100% Natural ingredients.

We consciously choose raw materials that are sustainable, so no rare materials, plants or herbs.

The way we make our products is completely traditional with a lot of manual work and we give the raw materials the time to come to a top quality of our end product.

Our choice for raw materials and their effectiveness came from knowledge and experience.

The Raw Materials and Herbs all have a GMP + certificate to ensure that product safety and Quality are guaranteed.

This means that full traceability is possible at all times.

The raw materials and our end product are tested for all kinds of harmful substances such as:

– Pesticides

– Herbicides

– Heavy metals

Our Products may be used in competitions such as under the FEI and HRA regulations, and do not contain prohibited products or doping.

Our goal is to deliver a Top Quality product so that it can contribute to the health of the animal at all stages of life;

– Maintaining, strengthening and restoring the Natural Balance.

– A balance in which the animal can function optimally according to the expectations of the human being.

– Stimulating the Body’s self-regulating ability in Physical, Mental and Social / Emotional areas.

Our intended result is; a happy animal and owner from Recreational to Professional level.

Picture: Lucy Shaw LS200309B-1
Picture shows Jake Brandes (CEO) immunall limited with his Welsh Cob horse Mr Darcey.