The animal`s body, its blood and all its liquids have a measurable PH.
All cells, organs and bodily fluids need a specific PH to perform at their best.


The Acid – Base balance can be very important for proper functioning of the metabolism and digestion, fertility and the overall health, performance and endurance in muscles and joints.
The body`s enzymes are very sensitive to acidity levels an can only perform with a specific PH. Many metabolic reactions will not complete without a specific PH .When the body`s enzymes can`t function properly it will affect all chemical reactions taking place in the body.

For example;
The PH can change the shape of haemoglobin and impact its ability to bind with oxygen, insufficient oxygenating will be the result.
An imbalanced intestinal PH means no optimal digestive system. Nutrient in the food can`t be utilized properly. The animal will lose its condition and ability to utilize its personal energy into performance in any kind of exercise.

Regards fertility; sperm cells are easily affected by fluctuations in PH levels. They won`t thrive when PH levels are too low. Lowered PH levels can weaken and even kill sperm cells. Production of healthy sperm cells will be troublesome. Female Fertility can be easily negatively affected by fluctuations in PH levels. PH too Basic; prone to yeast, vaginitis and other vaginal infection.

Stress of all kinds, Dietary imbalances – foods containing sugars and simple starches, fertilizers, Poor elimination of waste products, insufficient oxygenation, imbalanced intestinal PH, demanding exercise.

Scientific studies have shown that prolonged acidification can;
– promote demineralization (in particular osteoporosis). Because of defence mechanism from the body, where minerals from the bones, are used to neutralize the high acid level.
– Also lead to muscle atrophy, lameness, laminitis, colics, tying up, and some types of kidney stones.
– affect all the processes in the body, it will affect performance in sports, breeding, showing etc.
Symptoms of high acid level;
Fatigue, poor digestion, problems in joints and muscles, skin problems, weakened immune system, no optimal fertility, concentration problems, excessive perspiration, and `bad` body smell.
De-Acidification by Eliminating Waste Products and help the Internal Organs will promote Health.