Dogs General Health




is the situation where there is a balance between physical, mental and social aspect.


All organs and their bodily systems are functioning optimally, there is a balance between the “good” and “bad” bacteria. Intruders such as bacteria and viruses are not given the possibility to take over. ( multiply quickly). In such situation the animal feels great, metabolism is functioning efficiently and the animal behaves socially as normally would be expected.

To maintain its level of health, about 20% of the dogs total diet should contain plants/herbs, looking at the diet which his forefather the wolf showed.

Because the wolf is a predator it will eat the intestines of it`s prey animal, containing plants and herbs. He will also actively looking for berries, fruits etc. to add this to its diet.

These vegetarian materials will deliver the necessary nutrients, but will also stimulate and support the natural healing power of the body. To sustain optimal health or become balanced again.

Dog`s systems become unbalanced because of STRESSes from all kinds;

Domestication of our dog also includes restrictions regards looking after itself; the possibility`s to help himself to find and eat the right vegetarian material when needed. He depends on its diet from what we humans will provide.

The territory he lives in will challenge his system physically, mentally and socially. The demands from his owner can be another challenge, that can vary a lot between one and the other. Some dogs are pets and some dogs have a demanding hobby, sport or job.

When the dog’s bodily systems become unbalanced, they will start malfunction. For instance the digestive system, resistance against diseases/immunity, mobility, behaviour and tolerance, multiplication/breeding. Problems will occur in these systems.

OUR BRANDES FORMULA PRODUCTS CONTAIN; plants and herbal material which support the body `s functioning at their best. From a unique combination. All chosen plants have their own specific useful properties, but together their power is surprisingly!!! This is due to its synergy; together they work more efficient. We rely on experience and scientific proof.

All our products contain a combination of herbs, each for promoting and supporting health and optimal functioning of the body and their systems.