Frequently Asked Question’s


(Q) What research has been done on Immunall and After Ace?
(A) Although in the eight years spent developing our products, we have conducted numerous scientific studies and research; unfortunately, the UK legislation prevents us from publishing such details of our work here.

(Q) How long do your products take to work?
(A) Often, results are visible within just a few days. However, the duration of time between the start and the first visible results depends on a multitude of factors, such as: why are you using the product, the age and type of the horse, the feeding program and so on.

(Q) Can Immunall help after antibiotics have been given?
(A) Yes. Antibiotics work by reducing the effects of bacteria on the immune system, as a result helping the animal to overcome infection. Although in the short term this is an advantage, over the long term this can cause an imbalance in the animal’s digestive and respiratory tracts. In addition, the animal’s immune capacity can also be overloaded by viral and/or bacterial infections. As a result, this will therefore further hinder the immune system’s ability to function effectively, and in effect impair the horse’s immune system.

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(Q) Does After Ace help for tying up problems?
(A) Often, Trainers have problems with horses tying up and horses’ with high muscle tension. However, the Trainers employing After Ace do not report such problems.