Immune Plus


The Immune System is the system that detects, stops and destroys pathogens in the body; attacking bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other harmful microorganisms in order to ensure the body does not get sick.

The immune system is a very complex system of inter-dependencies, in summary, it is divided into the:
– Skin
– Mucous membranes (in the mouth, gut, nasal passages and reproductive organs)
– Acids (i.e. gastric acid)
– White blood cells
– Antibodies (i.e. in bodily fluids)

Moreover, another significant aspect of the immune system is the balance between limiting/harmful substance (free radicals) and beneficial substances (antioxidants). Although by nature there are numerous types of bacteria and pathogens present in the body, these can only develop into large numbers when the equilibrium between free radicals and antioxidants is distorted. When this balance is in harmony, on the other hand, the immune system functions at an optimal.
A disruption can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as:
– Overall health
– Age-phases
– Living Habits
– Personal vitamin-antioxidant capacity
– Stress on the body, whether mental or physical stresses
Stress can be caused by poor nutrition, the threat of disease or an overload; for example, through heavy work, long-hours on transport and various types of medication use (which can act to damage intestinal flora).

Immune Plus, subsequently, helps in strengthening and maintaining optimal functioning of the immune system:
1. Not only does Immune Plus have a positive influence on the functioning on intestinal flora (which is essential for the effective functioning of the digestive system), however, it also optimizes saliva production and thereby production of enzymes necessary for proper digestion in the stomach.
2. It further helps to optimize the protection of the body against the penetration of harmful bacteria and toxins, through the intestinal wall into the blood.
3. The herbs also promote the removal of bio-film that may be present in the intestines and organs. (Bio-films can prove a suitable habitat for various harmful bacteria, which therefore hampers the uptake of nutrients and can easily upset the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria.)
4. Immune Plus promotes healthy intestinal peristalsis and movement.
5. Additionally, it helps to stop the development of intestinal parasites and other such harmful bacteria.
6. It helps to promote the effective functioning of active white blood cells (which are responsible for actively disabling pathogens) in the detection of invaders, such as T-cells and macrophages.
7. It is a strong antioxidant
8. Immune Plus promotes the maintenance of optimal health.
9. Helps to purify the blood of any waste.
10. Lastly, it also helps maintain high stress tolerance, consequently, enabling the immune system to remain active and alert to any intruding or harmful pathogens.
What benefits are usually linked to a healthy immune system and the use of Power Plus?
– Decreased susceptibility to viral infections
– Decreased susceptibility of Bacterial Infections
– Improved condition; coat, stamina and appetite
– Improved performance / decreased fatigue
Immune Plus thus helps to increase the horse’s resistance against unfavorable bacteria, viruses, etc. Further, the product can be used before and after operations, after drug use, during periods of stress and to support the horse and his/her health; rendering helpful in the recovery from illness and or improving condition.

Daily amount
– First 10 days 50ml per day, followed by 25ml per day for the remainder of the bottle.
– Ponies: half the amount
– If you feel that the horse’s immune system can use extra support, double the daily amount.

A supplementary feed comprising a combination of herbs in a water-alcohol-based solution.
GMP + and FSA Assured
Registration number; EN 213 883
Laboratory tested and free of FEI Banned Substances
Moisture content 99.45%
Crude oils and fats 0.1%
Crude protein: 0.3%
Crude fiber 0.1%
Raw ash content; 0.1%
Na content: 60mg / kg
Lysine <0.1%
Methionine <0.1%
Calcium: 0.5%
Phosphorus: 0.03g / kg
Magnesium: 28g / kg