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For centuries, herbs have been widely used for their health-giving and dietary properties. Evidently, some contain high levels of naturally occurring substances called napthoquinones, which have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral properties.

Brandes Formula Power+ feed supplement for dogs


Power+ contains a unique combination of herbs, with a synergetic effect; a cooperative effect, greater than any of the herbs used in isolation.

Power+ improves the general condition and overall health and enhances the resistance against stress, from physical, biological and chemical nature.

Power+ promotes a balance in the internal organ systems for the optimum performance;
Power+ enhances the internal cell environment by;
– Cleansing of the body; therefore acting to reduce build-up of waste products and toxins.

Power+ stimulates the purification of the body, by supporting the liver, kidneys and the lymphatic system in their functioning. Waste products and toxins are being eliminated.

-The optimal function of the metabolism; `building up` and `breaking down`. Power+ stimulates the functioning and health of the digestive system, converting food into energy.

Power+ helps to protect and stimulate the liver; the place where transformation of molecules finds place and where they are being recognized as` useful` or as toxins.

-The transport of nutrients.
Power+ will promote an optimal immune system; by supporting the purification, nourishing, protection, activation the organs and vessel systems related to the immune system. (Mucous membranes, skin, enzymes, cells, `natural good bacteria` and organs.

A proper functioning of the immune system is not only important for the natural defence system of the body, but is very essential for the regulation of the metabolic processes in the body, with its ability to adapt to its current situation. (Like pregnancy, disorders, ageing, malnutrition, and exhaustion).

Power+ helps to increase the ability of an organism (for example; a horse or dog) to adapt to the environmental factors, the stress threshold becomes higher.

Power+ helps to increase the mental and physical working capacity.

Prolonged presence of waste products causes ACIDOSE= LOW PH, poor transport of nutrients and low energy levels, weakened immune system and lower level of health and performance.ACIDOSE will affect the functioning of processes and their organs within the whole body, and will bring symptoms of degeneration of the affected areas. It affects health and performance.

Brandes Formula Muscles & Joints feed supplement for dogs

For maximum freedom of movement.—

Muscle and Joints contains a powerful combination of herbs specially developed to support and protect muscles and joints on a daily basis.

Used Herbs are recognized by the official KOMMISSION E (scientific advisory board); to promote the elimination of waste products through the urinary tract and kidneys. Regards disorders in the body and the muscular-skeletal area`s due to` build-up` of waste products.

High levels of waste products are making the body and their fluid`s acid. Low PH.
Sugars, starch or any type of sugar, in the feed or demanding exercise, stress from all kinds can lead to a build up from toxins / waste products, which make the body acid. Also Under laying ailment in kidneys – respiratory system can disable the body to its full capacity to discharge waste products.

ACIDIFICATION; The body can`t function proper anymore and can`t maintain its health`. The body`s defence system, to protect vital organs from acid`s, results in transforming ` Harmful` acid Liquids into `non harmful` solid crystals. Those crystals are then `stored` in tissue and joints. That can lead to less mobility and flexibility. For this neutralisation process the body uses alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium from the bones, and binds it with the excessive harmful acids. Resulting in bone weakness.
Prolonged acidification of the body can result in problems in the locomotive system and in metabolic disorders and will affect overall health.

By de-acidifying the body`s systems, the organs can function optimal again, resulting in an optimal health level:
Optimal digestion
Effective immune system
Suppleness in joints and muscles
Good performance and stamina
Less oxidative stress; ageing

Muscle and Joints will promote de-acidification and maintaining the healthy acid – base balance in the body. The herbs: Ilex, Fraxinus, Betula and Urtica are a powerful and efficient combination. Creating a nourished, purified and healthy body. Able to perform.

During this process tiredness may occur, because of a high level of waste products coming into the bloodstream and body fluids. Production of body fluids will increase and might be smelly.

Important is the unlimited availability of water to drink, otherwise the body can`t flush the waste products out.
Caution to use in case of pregnancy: low (millilitre) intake a day.

Brandes Formula Arnica+ Spray

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