Immunall™ Products

Our products are completely different to anything else currently offered on the market. One of the many reasons why our products are used and trusted by professionals around the world is their 100% natural, synergetic effect on the body, which produces fast results. Therefore, we believe Immunall and After Ace offer a multitude of cost-effective opportunities for you and your horse. However, we’ll leave that matter of judgement up to you… Call Jake Brandes for advice on: 07941 967003 or email him click here


In order to help your horse look, feel and perform at its very best, Immunall is a nutritional supplement that supports the horse’s immune system. With the purpose of supporting the immune system, Immunall is a product that promotes the cleansing of the body; therefore acting to reduce the build-up of unwanted toxins. Made of a powerful combination of natural herbs, Immunall provides visible results within days, and helps sustain high energy levels.

Although the administration of Immunall varies in each case, it is suitable for use in any animal, from a high-performance sports horse to a pony in light work – Feeding Program

(The patented combination contains extracts: of Allium sativum, Uncaria tomentosa, Eleutherococcus scenticosus, Echinacea purpurea, Juglans regia, Carduus marianus and Viola tricolor.)


For maximum freedom of movement, After Ace contains a powerful combination of herbs specifically developed to support and protect joints on a daily basis.

Riding and jumping the horse can have a major impact on its wellbeing and lead to muscular-skeletal and stress disorders. When there are high levels of waste products in the body, the body becomes acidic, causing a gradual malfunction of the joint fluid. As a result, this can lead to the formation of calcium deposits.

Therefore, in order to help rejuvenate the joint fluid, it is important to cleanse the body of acids.

Taking a unique approach to such muscular-skeletal disorder, unlike other joint supplements After Ace does not contain chondroitin or glucosamine sulphate. Instead, the patented combination contains extracts of: Ilex, Fraxinus, Betula, and Urtica.

In order to support the cleansing of harmful toxins in and around the joints and muscles, these four herbs work together in a harmony, creating a collectively powerful reaction to purify, nourish and protect the body. As a result, the joints are once again able to enjoy more freedom of movement, generating greater suppleness.