What our customers say…

Lucinda Green, champion British equestrian and journalist “Immunall is an absolutely amazing, fascinating product. I know it works wonders because I watched it before my very eyes. I had a horse that didn’t have as much energy and enthusiasm as he should have had, and as he started eventing at a higher level, he needed more oomph. We put him on Immunall and he went all the way through to advanced as a transformed horse. There was nothing wrong with the horse I just felt there was more in him — which Immunall got out.”

Jessica Harrington, racehorse trainer “I am delighted with the results of Immunall and find it very effective on horses that run below par.”

Sandy Phillips, dressage rider and breeder “We use it on many horses in the yard — the results are visible within a week, and their attitude changes. They have a much more positive outlook on their work. I particularly notice their skin glows with health. It is great for breeding — I give it to all our broodmares, it gives the foals a very good start.”

John Killingbeck, vet “Immunall is a very useful part of my armoury, particularly in chronic cases that are unresponsive to conventional medicine. Jake Brandes is always extremely helpful to my clients.”

Juliet Minton, horse breeder “We use it on everything, the foals and broodmares, for sales preparation and our point-to-pointers. We’ve been using it for about 18 months and it definitely helps to keep the horses healthier.”